All about the slip resistance test

The skip resistance test process is one that filled with mystery for many people, including some professionals in the construction and architectural design industries. The slip resistance test is done in many stages by companies that design and install flooring. So where does it all start?

Slip resistance test in the lab

This is usually done under controlled conditions in the lab. A manufacturer of flooring materials will provide sample of the floors, in the form of slabs or tiles, and these will be tested in the lab. The tilting test is the one done most in the lab. The lab materials are put on a tilting surface, and technicians wearing a harness are asked to walk comfortably on the floor. The flooring goes on tilting until the technician slips off. The harness protects him from getting injured. The material is then given a rating and then shipped to the contractor for installation.

Slip resistance test on-site

It is understandable that flooring materials may have a certain rating when they get out of the lab which will make them safe when they are installed. But how safe will they be once thousands of feet walk upon the same material? This is why slip resistance testing has to done at the site after a while. The people passing may wear out the floor and lead it to become slippery.

There are several tests that can be done on site but the most common is the pendulum test (wet). In this case, the pendulum is pushed across a wet floor and the result is interpreted to show whether the floor is slippery or not. This is great because it gives the results as they are in real life.

So why is slip resistance required?

At the start, we said that the testing is a mystery to most, so here are two of the most compelling reasons why this test is necessary?

  • Safety for all foot traffic – this is one of the most important reasons. Slipping and falling on hard floors in malls and other buildings cause terrible injuries. These injuries affect the life of the victim, with some ending up not being able to be productive in life again. You need to make sure that your building is safe for the people who walk across the floors within it.
  • Reduce legal risks – this is another reason why you should consider slip resistance testing on your floors. The law is very tough on people who are negligent and do not test the slipperiness of their floors. If someone gets a very bad injury, and cannot work for the rest of his or her life, you will pay a compensation that could drive you out of business.

Since you now understand why slip resistance is necessary, call us now and we shall be glad to give you all the help you need. Our technicians are ready to come to you within a short time and perform the tests without interrupting normal business within the building.


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