Slip testing in unlikely public areas

When people think of slip testing, they think of it being done within the premises of a solitary business, or other small walking area. However, there is the need to protect the general public from slip and fall accidents. This means conducting slip resistance testing in parking lots, hospitals, and other areas frequented by the public, but not really considered as high-risk when it comes to slip and fall accidents. It is quite common for malls to be held liable for such accidents, but places like hospitals should also conduct these tests. Read more


Slip testing for the home – the most likely areas for slips and falls

Of all the serious or fatal injuries that occur in homes, most of them are due to slipping and falling. There is a large proportion of people getting hospitalized because the slipped and fell in the home. It is common for people not to perform a skid resistance test on the floors of their homes because they think that the home is the safest place they could be. Here we look at some of the high-risk areas of the house that need slip testing. Read more


Slip Testing Contracts Will Save You A Fortune

How do you make sure that your building does not lead you to having a slip and fall lawsuit on your hands? When do you actually get your floors tested? These are questions that you cannot answer properly and the only solution is to get a pendulum slip testing contract. This is an agreement where the testing company will come periodically to make sure that your floors are not slippery. Read more

Considering pendulum slip resistance test

Slip testing a standard for all work places

Employers have been shocked when an employee has slipped on the floor and had a bad accident, and they are subjected to a lawsuit for compensation. Do business owners know that they are responsible for floor safety within the workplace? Not many are aware of this, and they only think of other work-related accidents but not slipping and falling. It is important for the management of a business to ensure that proper slip testing is done on their floors for the safety of their workers. Read more

Considering pendulum slip resistance test

Understanding Slip Testing

As you are going through the shopping mall, admiring the glossy surface of the ceramic tiles, you do not know how pendulum slip testing has helped in ensuring that you do not fall and end up spending days in a hospital. Slip testing is the process by which manufacturers get to test the walking surface of flooring materials and ensure that people do not keep slipping and falling. Today, the legal liabilities of any manufacturer, construction company or management of a public building, which does not use proper flooring material – material that has been tested and evidence produced. Read more